Welcome to Lilliput Preschool

A quality daycare in Tauranga

Excellent teacher/child ratio and highly qualified team

As any quality daycare should, we pride ourselves in having one of the best teacher to child ratios. This helps us to provide a high standard of education, and in an environment that is nurturing and caring.

Think of us as a ‘home, away from home’ for your kids.

We are one of the few centers that aims to uphold this quality approach to childcare. One of our goals is to make use of our well-kept surroundings to provide a relaxed learning environment for all the children.

Our Programmes

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Our Philosophy

Lilliput Preschool believes in responsive and reciprocal relationships with all our children, parents/whānau, and teachers, where they feel valued, safe and secure.

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Infants and Toddlers

The Infants and Toddler’s practices are based on current research and the highly acclaimed, Te Whāriki, our Early Childhood Curriculum. Offering you the best education.

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Having a key teacher is important for your child as well as you the parents / whānau, as it helps to build strong bonds as well as reciprocal and responsive relationships.

Meet the Owner

Hi, I’m Michelle and I am the owner and operator of Lilliput Preschool. 

I am 100% invested and highly involved in Lilliput’s operation. This ensures the highest quality of care and education for every child.

It is vital as an owner who also manages the center to make sure that no corners are cut.

Being a mother of three only deepens my experience into childcare.

I know how challenging it can be when returning to the workforce after having kids.

However, I’m extremely dedicated to making the transition as stress-free and uncomplicated as possible. 

Read more about the staff

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Send Us an Email

Get in contact with us by sending an email with a time you would like to meet with us.

We would love to hear from you and give you a tour of our premises.

A Brief Q & A

What are the ages you care for?

We provide care and education for the ages between 3 months and 6 years old

Do you offer subsidized hours?

Yes, we provide up to 20 ECE per week for children over 3 years old.

Some families may be eligible for a WINZ subsidy. Please ask Michelle for more information with regards to applying for a WINZ subsidy.

How do I enroll my child?

We encourage you and your child to visit us. 

Once you decide to enroll with us, a form will have to be filled out that confirms the hours and days you will be needing care.

Are your staff qualified?

We have a high ratio of qualified teachers (average 96%), well above the Ministry of Education recommendation of 80%.

We are proud of our low teacher turn over rates and we all enjoy a wonderful and supportive work environment.

Some other considerations

What you need to provide
  • Please bring along nappies, bottles and formula if necessary.
  • Any comfort items your child is attached to.
  • Two or more changes of clothes, we recommend labeling the clothing.
  • In the preschool area: Water bottle, lunch and afternoon tea. We provide morning tea.
  • In the infants and toddlers area: Water bottle, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
Some helpful suggestion on how to help your child settle in

We recommend you and your child to visit together before starting attendance. The number of visits will depend on individual needs and personality. 

In the infant and toddlers area, it is beneficial to visit at different times of the day. You can take this opportunity to provide some care-giving routines. It’s best to do this in the company of the key teacher in order to gain knowledge about the child’s individual needs and preferences.

If your child has certain dietary requirements or allergies

We go the extra mile to ensure dietary needs are met. 

Please discuss any dietary related requirements with Michelle or any of the other teachers.