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This is a resource created for anyone wanting to know more about our centre. We go into how we started and what you can expect from us.


From the Beginning

Lilliput Preschool opened in 2005 as a privately-owned centre.  Previously a home, the house was converted, and has continued to be thoughtfully and carefully renovated into the centre it is today. During the initial renovation, as well as the few extensions since it was vital that the building retained its homely feel and charm. When you first walk through the front door, you are walking into a home, a home where relationships, love, kindness, and trust are prevalent.  

As you step out the back doors of Lilliput, you are greeted by a vast outside area, where children get to be a part of nature. Children have ample space to be physically active, to socialise, to explore, to create, or to spend time in quiet spaces. During the autumn and winter months, we are spoiled by our mandarin and orange trees that over the years have provided our whānau with plentiful fruit to enjoy.

There is something special about eating fruit that you have just picked from the tree. The delight children get from this experience is contagious. As you venture to the back wall, you will discover a gate leading out to the Tauranga Boys’ College Football field. This is our extra piece of paradise.

Children regularly have opportunities to go onto the field, where the vast open space is the canvas for many adventures and where fond childhood memories are established. The field is the perfect area for children to develop positive attitudes towards being physically active and an appreciation and love of nature. 

Our goal is that through a learned appreciation and love comes a natural desire for children to protect our beautiful planet, both now and into the future.


Our Infants and Toddler’s Area

In 2009 the previous owner expanded the preschool, completing a renovation to create a separate area for children up to two years old. This was the biggest change Lilliput Preschool had, had since it opened in 2005. The Infant and Toddler’s area became, and still is, well regarded by parents who are looking for more than just a day-care. The personal, homely care and education Lilliput provides, the small group size and number of teachers for our youngest children is a huge attraction for many parents. Add to this our key teacher system, where each child has their own special teacher and a secondary key teacher to care for their needs, as well as help them succeed on their learning journey.


Key Teachers

Your child’s key teacher will know your child intimately. Through spending quality time with your child and engaging in their care moments, the key teacher develops trusting and nurturing relationships, based on mutual respect. The key teacher becomes attuned to their child’s verbal and non-verbal communication cues, how best to comfort them, and other preferences they have. Key teachers are a vital part of our research-based philosophy and they also support a collaborative relationship between the families/whānau and teacher, through the many conversations that they shared over time.


The Look of Quality Education

The founder of Lilliput valued and was dedicated to high-quality care and education for all children, something that has continued to be the focus even today. The idea behind Lilliput’s success was based around having highly qualified, motivated, and dedicated teachers, small group sizes, and a ratio of teachers to children that ensured plenty of opportunities for children to receive personalised and individual care and education that was unrushed and sensitive to their needs. This outstanding care and education each child and their family received since 2005 is still the priority of Lilliput today. All these factors combined have resulted in Lilliput Preschool having an outstanding reputation in our community. 

Late in 2018, the founder sold Lilliput to the current owner, Michelle Hill. Michelle had been a dedicated Teacher at Lilliput Preschool since it opened in 2005 and shared the same visions and values as the previous owner. The change of ownership was a seamless transition for the children, families, and teachers, where the quality of care and education remained her priority.


Teachers as Researchers

The teachers at Lilliput Preschool have been carefully selected to ensure they share the same views and aspirations as the owner. Continually learning and reflecting upon our practices and beliefs is part of their culture. This ensures they are continually informed regarding the most recent research and implementing changes that positively impact on children learning. Each teacher has their own inquiry question, which they passionately research and share with the rest of the teaching team and whānau. This ensures everyone is on the same page, with the same goal in mind, providing quality care and education.  


The Bigger Picture

Our children are the future of New Zealand; let’s ensure we give them every opportunity to become successful, competent, and confident citizens of New Zealand.

To thrive in the 21st Century, You have to have learnt how to be tenacious and resourceful, imaginative and logical, self-disciplined and self- aware, collaborative and inquisitive

Guy Claxton

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