We have many happy parents that are more than happy to comment on their outstanding experience with Lilliput.

What People Have to Say

We have had seven happy years associated with Lilliput; we can’t thank you enough for the love and care you have shown both our children. I think your point of difference is and has always been the quality of staff that you have had. Both our children have been so well looked after and have been made to feel comfortable, safe and their personalities respected as you have met their needs. As you know my children have had very different interests, our daughter with her drawing and art and our son who is sports mad. You have encouraged and nurtured these interests while they have been with you. There is nothing better than knowing the entire teaching team knows your child and appreciates them. We appreciate all you do at Lilliput, keep up the fantastic job. Thank you again.
Shelley Handley
Parent and New Entrant Teacher
My name is Pam Wilkins I am a teacher at Tauranga Primary School. I currently teach new entrants. I have always found Lilliput a caring and friendly place. They run an excellent four old programme. We have had visits from the teacher to ensure what they are doing in their programme helps prepare the children for starting school. My son also attends Lilliput and thoroughly enjoys it.
Pam Wilkins
Teacher at Tauranga Primary School
We have been a part of the Lilliput family since my eldest son was six months old, over five years ago. We also have a daughter who is currently in the Infant and Toddlers area at Lilliput. We have found Lilliput builds upon and caters to each of our children’s uniqueness, strengths, and interests in respectful, positive and encouraging ways. This has enabled both of them to know they are valued for who they are and to form loving relationships with the teachers. Going back to work was made easy by the kindness, care, empathy, nurturing, and family environment we knew our children received while at Lilliput. We feel one of Lilliput’s strengths is their personal relationships they form with each child and their family, this is due to the small number of children and the key teacher system, where they go the extra mile to meet our individual requirements. Lilliput, it is not a corporate centre and is managed by the owner, Michelle, who is one hundred percent dedicated to providing the best care and education a family could hope for. Michelle is supported by an amazing team of trained teachers, all with a high standard of practice and commitment to our children. As parents, we always feel respected, valued, and well informed about all aspects of our children’s care and education while at Lilliput. Our children love (our eldest keeps trying to go back instead of school!) going to Lilliput, if you are considering childcare for your child, we would highly recommend Lilliput preschool.
Charlie Self & Theresa Eagle
I am grateful to have found Lilliput Preschool Tauranga. My son started in Infants and Toddlers at Lilliput just shy of his first birthday. As parents, we were initially very anxious at the prospect of leaving our child. However, our fears were soon allayed with Nate adjusting to the Lilliput routine very quickly. Lilliput provides a loving and secure environment that nurtures growth and development. The teachers who are friendly and warm are committed to providing the children with the highest quality preschool education. My husband and I have enjoyed getting to know the teachers, other parents, and children at Lilliput Preschool. I am confident that I have provided my child with the best preschool education possible by choosing Lilliput Preschool.
Blanche McMath
I enrolled my daughter at Lilliput when she was 2 years old. When visiting the centre for the first time, the teachers were quick to introduce themselves and get to know our wee girl, asking questions about her life and the things that she loved. It became evident that this was the perfect centre for our daughter. Lilliput is not only a welcomed and friendly face when you first step through the gate, but it is also a centre of teachers that embrace, explore and nurture your child’s many quirky talents and strengths. It is a place my daughter feels safe and protected, a place my daughter wakes up and is excited to be visiting, and most importantly, a place where I know she will have endless amounts of fun, laughter, singing, and love! At the end of each day, the teachers at Lilliput are always quick to fill me in on the many things she has done throughout her day, playing in the sandpit, singing a multitude of songs (and to me, this is so comforting as singing means she is so happy), splashing in the water, seeing the animals, and my child’s favourite part of her day, “cuddles with Shell” as she says it. Michelle and her team have walked strides to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for my child and I am confident that under their very capable watch, she will grow and flourish to be the best little person she possibly could be.
Leticia Emery
Lilliput was like a home away from home for my 3 boys. We had a nearly 10-year association with Michelle and the team at and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I always felt relaxed dropping my boys there as I knew they were happy and having fun and being cared for by staff who genuinely cared. Lilliput has a nurturing family feel to it and provides a safe, stimulating, happy environment. Each of my boys formed lovely one on one bonds with teachers during their time there. I know that my boys have wonderful memories of Lilliput as do I.
Scott and Maria Eastwood
Lilliput preschool is nothing short of unique. It’s near impossible to find a better center. All the teachers work well together, and there is a clear sense of support for each other. There is excellent communication, if someone takes over the care of our child at some point near the end of the day, any question can be asked about our son. For example, ‘How much has he eaten?’ or ‘How was his day?’. Clear answers for these questions can always be provided. There is such a feeling of personal interest in our son’s well-being from each and every teacher and Michelle (the owner). They are always sharing their insights and observations about him in such a positive and constructive manner. This is something we think is very rare. No judgment is felt about the way we like to raise our son. Even his specific diet is respected. It feels like an extension of our family, with each and every person at Lilliput. We think it’s great that Michelle is very hands-on and knows exactly what’s going on with the children and the center. She is always friendly, approachable and available to talk to if we have any questions or concerns. We cannot recommend Lilliput highly enough.
Marlo and Linda Strydom